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The products we create are only as valuable as our creative process and the supply chain partnerships utilized to develop our ideas. Our brand ethos is to design with a clear aesthetic intent, but also with an awareness of the environmental and social impacts of our manufacturing process.


We utilize domestic production for the intimacy of our design process. Local production allows us to create a direct dialogue with our production partners as well as exploring co-creation and innovation opportunities. 

Our production partners are all in-house service facilities based in New York City. This provides an unparalleled control of our production process, rather than flowing through an independent system lacking true responsibility and transparency.

Designing and producing domestically allows us to support the manufacturing community in New York City, and provides an opportunity to reinvest back into local neighborhoods, infrastructure, and people. 

Factory 8


We partner with fabric mills across the world to source available textiles from their current inventories. This helps to utilize existing materials without producing any further waste in textile production. We think strategically about our design and production process based on the limited quantities of the available fabrications. Deadstock fabric allows for limited garment quantities and contributes to the unique value of the finished product. 

Japanese deadstock luxury fabric


All of our printed fabrics are custom made with our printing partners. We utilize digital printing technologies, which are by nature more sustainable than traditional analog alternatives, and offer a way forward towards clean, efficient manufacturing. 

Digital textile printing saves approximately over 40 billion litres of water worldwide. Digital printing also uses smaller quantities of color, typically 10% of the volume used when compared to screen printing. Digitally printing virtually eliminates the consumption of water and the discharge of noxious effluents.

Reggiani Digital Printing Machine Eco-Friendly Sustainable


Where ever possible, we aim to use natural and sustainable materials in our finished goods. Our product packaging and shipping materials are sourced to be recyclable and compostable. Our labels are made from recycled materials and our swing tags are made from FSC (Forest Certified Council) certified materials. Our buttons are made from mother of pearl, sourced from Japan and produced in Italy, utilizing an otherwise-wasted byproduct of the food manufacturing process.

As we continue to evolve our collections, we will seek new ways to further shrink our environmental impact in the design of our products. Have any ideas you'd like to share, send us a note here