"The process of recording. To represent by lines drawn."

GRAPHIA NEW YORK aspires to build a community that values conscious consumption and craftsmanship. Using color, style, and texture as a means to share inspiration, we create unique and desirable products.

We know the world doesn't need another brand, or more products for our lives. But we can use these products as tools to build. We manufacture our products domestically, allowing us to contribute back to the ecosystems that help support our local communities. Where we can, we use available deadstock fabrics from respected suppliers in our industry. We try to use sustainable materials for trims, packaging, and shipping because we acknowledge that our footprint needs to be as small as possible for a healthier future.

Every sale allows you to donate portions of our revenues to causes we believe in. We believe it's absolutely vital that we use this platform to support organizations which inspire us. Our values are out in the open and we humbly hope you join us in helping us to become a more responsible brand in this modern world.

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